Soffle’s Spring Onion and Parmesan Pitta Chips (15 x 60g)

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Soffle's Pitta Chips were born in a converted garden shed in Stoke Newington, Hackney but were due an upgrade and are now produced in not so far away Tottenham. The chips were first made as a tasty snack to accompany a beer and being in the snack business for a while we thought we had to have a cheese and onion flavour on the books but what we ended up with was something far superior! Fresh Spring onion and fresh Parmesan cheese the taste is completely unique and loved by all! 
The chips are made by oven roasting pitta bread with spring onion and Parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. They are then oven baked until crunchy and delicious. They are great not only with a beverage but taste super dipped in tzatziki, hummus or with a slice of your favourite cheese. The chips contain absolutely nothing artificial or any preservatives 100% natural ingredients that makes for the best snack! This product has a 2-3 Month shelf-life



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